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5 Ways to Practice a Growth Mindset Check out one of my most recent published articles! As...

The Hug that Hurt the Most

The people in our lives often play roles in different parts similar to that in the movies. Different scenes. Different acts. Different...

God Moments

Have you ever had a "God" moment? A moment where you know that someone else is in control and you actually don't have to know what the...

When Mother's Day is Complicated

I feel like in 2022 it's much more acceptable to go against the norms and not necessarily feel the need to "celebrate" or "go through the...

The Night Before

Sitting here in the wee hours of the morning of Easter and thinking of what some might have been feeling after the crucifixion of Jesus...

Rough Around the Edges

Have you ever had those days, weeks, months where you just feel like you can't get ahead? Like your core is good. You know what you...

35 and Feeling Alive

It wasn't that long ago that I would have told you that someone who has had 35 birthdays was definitely old. Now that I'm here it...

Find Joy in Every Season

2021 has been full of many ups and downs for us all, yet the one thing that I have continued to see through each and every season is that...

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